Top 11 Treks In The World.
Or 11 Trips We Really Like!

This is the No Roads list of top 11 treks, put together by our adventure-loving office and our very well-travelled guests.  Note: The list is in no particular order.


Country: Papua New Guinea

Length: 11 Days

How hard is it: Difficult

What makes it so special: There are many elements that combine to make Kokoda an incredible experience. Firstly the history, you learn so much trekking Kokoda about Australia’s involvement in the war. Secondly the mateship, during your trek you will face some form of adversity and at times you will at times struggle through the terrain. Nothing creates mateship like bonding with your fellow trekkers during these times and helping each other through them. Thirdly is the people, the locals that you meet in Papua New Guinea, who will help guide you across the Kokoda Track are some of the greatest you will ever meet, this alone will make Kokoda an unforgettable experience.

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit

Country: Australia

Length: 3 days

How hard is it: Moderate

What makes it so special: The scenery along Freycinet Peninsula Circuit is incredible. Behind every new corner is a new, stunning view to take your breath away all over again. Also, the three campsites are on the beach and each day you can swim in the crystal clear waters. Even more importantly for wildlife enthusiasts, you may even be lucky enough to see dolphins, seals, pademelons, and even whales in winter.

Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes

Country: Nepal

Length: 21 days

How hard is it: Difficult to Strenuous

What makes it so special: Walking among the highest mountains on the planet can be both inspiring and intimidating. To put it into perspective the highest peak in Western Europe, the mighty Mont Blanc stands at 4800 metres. In the Solu Khumbu (the region around Everest), Mont Blanc would be considered a hill as we trek over passes above 5300 metres and sleep at over 5400 metres. There are few ways to reach base camp as spectacular and at times difficult as going via the high altitude lakes of Gokyo. From the west, where these beautiful lakes are, we must head up over the Cho La at over 5300 metres before heading back toward the main trail to Base Camp. This is a remote, isolated and awesome alternative to the normal Classic EBC and one well worth the effort.


Country: Columbia

Length: Day Trek

How hard is it: Easy to Moderate

What makes it so special: Walking the hills of a less-visited part of Colombia, tropical sweats, sweeping valley views, and the chance to explore amazing hidden tombs (seriously, it really is like climbing down a rabbit hole). This one day trek can, If you’re foolhardy, be done in flip flops, and even though you’re usually walking narrow hillside paths, it’s unlikely you’ll see anybody else! It is an archaeological park filled with artifacts, tribal idols, statues and hypogea (a.k.a underground tombs). 

Tour du Mont Blanc

Country: Switzerland, Italy, and France

Length: 13 Days

How hard is it: Difficult

What makes it so special: The culture, the food, and the scenery all combine to make the Tour du Mont Blanc one of the greatest treks. Trekking through three different countries is a unique experience in itself and each country brings with its own terrain, food, and hospitality. The Tour du Mont Blanc is tough enough to make every day challenging but so stunning that every evening when you relax with a glass of local wine you are more than happy to get up the next day and do it all over again.

High Atlas Mountains

Country: Morocco

Length: 11 days

How hard is it: Difficult

What makes it so special: Legend has it that the High Atlas mountain range was formed when the Titan Atlas (aka the guy who held up the planet), was turned into stone by Perseus and this is where he fell and crashed to Earth. The demise of Atlas has left an incredibly diverse and spectacular landscape culminating in the highest peak of North Africa, Jebel Toubkal 4167m (presumably his head). While you can walk to Toubkal in a day or so, it is the circumnavigation of the massif that makes this trek so wonderful. From the bustling Marrakech, you walk for days through Berber villages separated by arid deserts, lush green valleys and high altitude passes capped with snow for most of the year. The trip culminates in the summit of Toubkal from which you can retrace your entire journey around the massif. This is a must-do trek for mountain lovers!

Choquequirao Secret Trail to Machu Picchu

Country: Peru

Length: 9 days

How hard is it: Difficult

What makes it so special: Some say the hardest thing about this trek is the name “Choquequirao”. It certainly is a mouth full but after a few days with your guide, you will be saying it like a local. However, the Secret Trail to Choquequirao, while no longer a secret, is certainly not easy or well frequented. Just under 2,000 people visit the site every year (that’s less than Machu Picchu has per day) and even fewer trek beyond Choquequirao into the Vilcabamba. If you do though, you will find yourself in a high altitude wonderland of snow-capped mountains, isolated farmers, ancient Inca silver mines and passes stretching above 4000 metres. While the main Inca Trail is a great journey in itself, this alternate Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is an incredible adventure.

Mt Cook and Gillespie Pass

Country: New Zealand

Length: 9 days

How hard is it: Moderate to Difficult

What makes it so special: While strictly two treks, this combination takes you to New Zealand’s highest peak (Mt Cook/ Aoraki) and into Mt Aspiring territory with a wonderful trek over Gillespie Pass. Gillespie Pass is rarely trekked as some of New Zealand’s other iconic treks such as the Routeburn or Milford take all the limelight. So a sense of isolation is definitely a highlight for this trek

While the trails in New Zealand are not particularly high in altitude, there are sections that are tough. But like all tough treks, they usually lead to incredible vistas of mountain ranges and the Gillespie Pass is no exception. Get away from the crowds on this great New Zealand trek.

Huayhuash Trail

Country: Peru

Length: 16 days

How hard is it: Difficult to Strenuous

What makes it so special: Ok we love Peru. But what isn’t there to love about the place, Great food, friendly people, incredible culture and history. And then there are the mountains. The longest mountain range on the planet, the Andes provides jaw-dropping beautiful alpine trails that lead into the heart of 6000 meter plus peaks. The Huay Huash has been made famous by Joe Simpson’s book and subsequent film “Touching the Void”. There was a reason why Simpson came to this area; the incredible mountains. Of course, we don’t expect you to climb these mountains but the trail to and through them provides for one of the most beautiful trails on the planet, right up there with the TMB and treks in New Zealand and Nepal. To get there though you must trek to high altitude which means a bit of effort but also means there won’t be many others with you. High altitude lakes, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, incredible terrain all make Huay Huash a wonderful trek.

Laugavegur Trail

Country: Iceland

Length: 4 days

How hard is it: Moderate

What makes it so special: Iceland is home to some of the most incredible and unique scenery that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. This trek takes in views of glaciers, glacier rivers, black sands, hot springs, waterfalls, geysers, and volcanoes. In four days you see such an incredible array of different terrains that are simply mind-blowing. Furthermore, If you trek in August or September you may be able to see The Northern Lights. 

Gran Paradiso

Country: Italy

Length: 12 days

How hard is it: Difficult

What makes it so special: Walking through a former King of Italy’s private hunting reserve affords several advantages. First, most of the trails are set at a very pleasurable 7 degrees of angle. The reason? So the King’s provisions could be brought into the park with ease, even over 2800 meter passes. Second, the reserve was turned into Italy’s first National Park and as such is considered the wildest nature reserve in Western Europe. Chamois, Ibex, marmot and even wolves call this park home. The Royal Trail is a Haute route meaning you trek above 2000 metres and sometimes over 3000 metre passes. The trails are rugged, the landscapes are incredible (think glaciers and snow-capped peaks) and the hospitality and food are second to none, as this trip is entirely in Italy. In fact, the Gran Paradiso summit is the only 4000-metre peak entirely in Italy. Amazing place!