Stories From The Remote

Every adventure has a story and here we showcase some of these. From trekking the Kokoda Track, kayaking the Komodo Islands, hiking the Victorian high country, climbing unclimbed peaks in Papua New Guinea or trekking in Europe, contributors (some guides and some guests) have been into the remote and returned with stories they felt they had to tell others. Not all are of course true, but that’s not the point. The point is to tell a story that may inspire others to go see for themselves, because we can never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Reborn on the Omote Ginza Trail - Japan

Sometimes we return different from the mountains, cleansed physically and spiritually!
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An Ode To New Zealand's Wilderness

How would William Wordsworth describe Mt Cook and the Gillespie Pass? We used ChatGPT to find out!
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The Story Of Kokoda

The story of the Kokoda Track in a 4 part series by MAJ Andrew Flanagan
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Mardi Himal

Popcorn at 4500 meters never tasted better
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Everest View Hotel
An Icon

Getting to the Everest View Hotel is only half the story of this icon of the Himalaya
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A Day On The Track

What is it like on the Kokoda Track. Lets travel from Deniki to Alola and see.
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Pedal & Prosecco

This trip is not all cheese and biscuits my friends!
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Trekking Kokoda

What happens when you don't train for Kokoda!
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