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Trip Grading

We would like to introduce to you our ever-smiling adventurer. No matter the conditions, our smiling adventurer is always happy. Do you know why? Because they read our Trip Grading page before booking their trip so they knew exactly what they were getting into. Our trip grading system takes into account all the elements of a trek, from the hours walked, to the track conditions, to the level of comfort at your accommodation. All of these factors have a significant impact on your adventure. And while there is some crossover of grading on each trip, we believe we have chosen the right grade for each trip, so you will be smiling on your next adventure too.

Joyful Jaunt

Think getting out there but chilling at the same time. Yes it’s possible. This getaway is one that can be enjoyed by the whole family of various fitness levels. There is no prior training that needs to be done and while there will be some physical activities, they will not be of a strenuous nature.

Balanced Break 

Who doesn’t need one of these every now and then? A balanced break has a combination of activities to get the heart rate up but some downtime to relax or to explore on your own. While no specific training needs to be done, these breaks are designed for people who do regular long walks and have a base level of fitness.

High Heart Rate Holiday
Now we are getting a little more serious. Whether you are pushing up a mountain or doing other physical activities, this holiday is primarily focused on challenging yourself physically. You need to be of average to high fitness for this expedition or willing to commit to training to take part. Call us if you are unsure of your fitness level and we talk you through what you need to do to be ready.

Extreme Expedition – Hot

You will definitely be sweating on these ones. This expedition will be a true challenge and the added element of heat is a factor that you need to take into account. This kind of expedition may be an exploratory trip or will have some element that makes this an extreme expedition. It is highly recommended that you are an experienced multi-day trekker to take part in this trip and have a high level of fitness and an even higher adventurous spirit.

Extreme Expedition – Cold

You will be getting high on these adventures. This expedition will push you to your limits with the added variable of dealing with alpine conditions. To take part in this expedition you must be experienced with trekking in alpine conditions and have a very high level of fitness and an even higher love for adventure.