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Pete Miller

I'm Pete Miller, the guy who started No Roads back in 2003. I have walked and paddled all of the trips you can see on our website. I just love being out in nature, it energises me and puts all other parts of my life into perspective

While a fair bit of my time is now spent managing No Roads, I do make sure I get out and guide as well. I enjoy showing people the things I enjoy and it inspires me to see people achieve goals they have set themselves.

I guide and chaperone all over the world and I hope I can share one of my trips with you.

No Roads HQ and Europe

Irene Miller

No Roads HQ and South America

Chris Nash

After 3 years in Travel Management, I was embraced by the No Roads family in late 2019.

It may be a stretch to claim that travel is my life, but it’s not far from it.

With a passion for places and peoples that are different and remote, this desire to get off the beaten path marries perfectly with our business philosophy.

No frills when on the road (known to ascend volcanoes in Flip Flops), I’m more likely to be found embracing local foods over fancy hotels, usually on foot.

Brave enough to sample local Colombian wine (brown in colour, truly as bad as it looked), “Kiss the Toe” in Dawson City, and suffer a loss of vision after too much Georgian “Chacha”, I’ve likely done it, so I can advise you not to!

After 13 months travel overland from Mexico to Argentina, Latin America remains ever close to my heart, experience that serves me well, to assist you.

Papua New Guinea

Jack Deia

Reasons why I love working with an Adventure or Tour Operations NO ROADS EXPEDITIONS is that, this gives me lots of opportunity to meet different people and different organizations who all work together to call themselves Tourism in the Industries.

I find the work more challenging and also more entertaining as I have to travel into different parts of the country and overseas where I have never dreamt of travelling too.

Also seen my local people getting employed as guides on the track and the monetary benefits that go to them makes me feel great and this motivates me to be a good employee to everyone.

Financially my family has benefited a lot as my children are attending school everyday and also my family has benefited when we built a new 4-bedroom house where we all can live together. Seen My Community in the villages benefiting from the work I’m doing also brings joy and happiness to me.

I love these job and I look forward to doing this work to see more betterment to our people and also brings little bit to change to these country PNG.

Papua New Guinea

Terrence David

My home is Kagi Village on the Kokoda Track and since 2005 I began work as a General Porter and Local Guide for the No Roads Expeditions.

In 2008 I was given the opportunity as the PNG Operations Manager where I oversee and manage the whole PNG operations and liaise between Australian managers and PNG managers for successful operation of the business.

In 2022 I was able to complete after 3 years of study my Diploma of Accounting which allows me do even more service for our business.


Fitri Widayanti

My name is Fitri, i was born in Ruteng, 10th July 1983 in Flores island so i'm originally from Flores. I have 3 younger sisters. I graduated from Tourism High School on 2001.

I never thought that i will go into that school, it was a new open school, which is has limited support, even for the clean water for toilet we have to find it neighbour around. But luckily the school has the best English teacher I ever met. And English become my favorite subject!!

Then l directly looking for a job which at that time it's quite hard. I really want to go to college but I have 3 siblings which is all of them also goes to school, so I have no option. Then There was a new open hotel and I was one of the students who recommended by the school. I worked there for about 2 years before my son born.

Then i took another job as motorbike sales but it didn't match with me. So, once the hotel asked me to work back i totally agree. Then my 2 daughters born, 2006 and 2011. I worked for about 10 years there before I proudly join with No Roads Expeditions. Actually i was doing admin thing with NRE for about a year while i worked at the hotel and then on the 2015 I fully worked with NRE.

At the first, other than admin thing, everything was new for me. I totally dont know about kayak, about boat stuff, about itinerary, etc but Peter & Irene keep teach me and let me allow me to find my own way to learn. Even now, i still need to learn many things, because i believe as long as you're alive you should never stop learning!!

Papua New Guinea

Kate Johnson

I love adventure and I love being a guide for No Roads Expeditions! I’ve led 9 Kokoda treks, climbed Mt Wilhelm and Mt Hagen in PNG, Everest Base Camp (twice), Kilimanjaro, The Inca Trail, Tour du Mont Blanc, Mt Kinabalu, and many treks in  Australia. But there’s one place I love to return to: The Kokoda Track.

PNG holds a very dear place in my heart: our amazing Kagi guides, the unique culture, happy village life, the exotic jungle, and the ultimate adventure.

Helping to prepare trekkers for their Kokoda adventure, sharing their journey each day on the track and being with them when they’ve achieved a lifetime goal at the arches is why I love it!!

Papua New Guinea

Josh Redfern

Hi, I'm Josh, I've worked in adventure tourism for over twenty years, initially leading numerous tours in the Northern Territory and during the last twelve years leading treks with No Roads Expeditions on the Kokoda Track in PNG.

When I'm not in the PNG jungle I work with the emergency services in Victoria. For No Roads, I lead treks in both PNG and Timor Leste. They are both countries with amazing stories and breathtaking scenery.

Why do I enjoy working for No Roads Expeditions so much? It's simple, I love working for an ethical trekking company, meeting the challenge of trek guiding and working with our fabulous PNG team.

Papua New Guinea

Robyn Marklew

Attracted to the remoteness of PNG and the people who live within the mountainous communities, I joined the No Roads Family as a Guide in 2015. Nearing my 20th trek, I still pinch myself that I work in an office without walls, in remote locations, with difficult terrain and the reward of amazing views throughout each adventure. I say I have the best job in the world, although I never look at it as a job because each trek, I get to share the experience with a new group of likeminded adventure seekers.

I’ve explored many places, and lead expeditions in other locations, but Kokoda holds a special place for me. As Guides we are ensuring that the story of the sacrifices of the soldiers who fought in the Kokoda campaign are not forgotten, which included my grandfather who served with the 2/14. I’ve also taken a special interest in learning more about the customs, traditions, flora and fauna of the Owen Stanley so that those who join our expeditions get that unique cultural experience that comes with visiting remote locations. I'm also actively involved in health and education projects that improve the livelihoods of those living within the Mt Koiari region.

Every path leads you somewhere. Every trek opens your eyes to something new. Life is one big adventure – why not take a leap, push yourself that little bit further and get out of your comfort zone. It’s what we learn during the experience that makes us grow.

New Zealand

Dan Murphy


Ulli Innerkofler

Already as a child Ulli got to know the love for the mountains and nature with her parents and siblings.

She is also an enthusiastic skier, was among other things three years in the national team and turned her hobby into her occupation.

Ulli spent some time in Australia as a ski instructor (ask her about her time there its very funny), so she understands the needs of people from all over the world. Ulli loves hiking the mnountains of the Sud Tyrol both in summer and skiing in winter.

Her enthusiasm for the region shows through in how she guides, showing you both the natural wonedr of the region as well as its historical links to the rest of Europe.

Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste

Andrew Flanagan

My name is CAPT Andrew Flanagan and military history is my passion! Currently serving in the Australian Army, I have completed more than 15 treks through the battlefields of PNG, including Kokoda (both directions), the Northern Beaches and Milne Bay.

As an Army Officer, I bring a unique perspective on the battlefields; blending the military history with the emotions and experiences of the individual soldiers on the ground. When you trek with me, the battlefields will be brought alive using individual soldier stories, audio recordings and photos from 1942. Tattoos on my biceps sum up why I joined the Army, and why I guide treks through the jungle for No Roads Expeditions: 'Courage', 'Endurance', 'Mateship', 'Sacrifice 'on my left bicep, 'Footsteps Of The Brave' on my right.

When I retire from Army, I plan to spend three months of the year guiding the battlefields of PNG, Europe and North Africa, plus Gallipoli. The mud, mountains and humidity of PNG will balance out the cafes and restaurants of Paris, Poziers, Istanbul and Cairo!


Florianus Mbakang

Hi my name is Florianus (Flori) Mbakang.

I am from Bitu village east Manggarai Flores Indonesia, I was born July, 18 1988, (35 years old) have two sisters & one brother. I pass from Sadar wisata tourism hight school 2009, I am married in Sept, 09 2015.

My Wife name Natalia Rolin. we two kids Vanessa (7 years old) & Eirthen (3 years old). We are living in Kaper/Labuan Bajo Flores island, in our own house.

We really love my place Labuan Bajo the gateway to the spectacular Komodo Dragons, my jobs be a guide and guiding around Komodo island.

Been were lucky for me and family after i work be kayaking Guide in my region, that was good income for us, i always happy to share my love story to my guest then introduce them to deep story about komodo National Park because not only komodo Dragons much more, wild life, marine life, beautiful beaches, camp side, local people, fishing village.

Thank you to Mr Peter Miller the Owner of Noroads Expeditions

Papua New Guinea

Gavin Curtis

Adventure & travel has been a major focus in my life for as long as I can remember.

My passion has taken me climbing many high peaks in Nepal, Tanzania & Malaysia. Also tremendous challenging hikes throughout Africa, Borneo , Nepal, China, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and of course Australia.

When I am not travelling overseas, I spend the majority of my spare time hiking , climbing & scuba diving wherever I can find an adventure around my home base on the Sunshine Coast.

In 2019 , I was absolutely thrilled to join the No Roads team as an expedition leader. The Kokoda Track has always been a very special adventure for me , due to the amazing historical ties that it has with Australia.

Now I take great pride in being part a team that enables our guests to experience this incredible journey.


Sergio Gabbio

Sergio Gabbio is one of the guides that started the free ride paradise in Alagna. He knows every corner of Monte Rosa.

He says: “I was born in Alagna on the 12 January 1956 and have been skiing since the tender age of 4 and when I was 6 I used to ski to school every day, because I lived in the high lying hamlets of Alagna. After primary school, I went to high school in a very grey city and completed my studies with difficulty, because the mountain was my world.

For this reason, I took advantage of the compulsory military service to complete courses for a ski touring instructor and later, completing the courses for an Alpine guide. In the 80’s I started discovering a new dimension of experiencing the mountain: steep skiing. I descended the south face of Mont Rosa for the first time on short skis, using ropes and ice screws. This helped me to understand the immense ski potential of Mont Rosa."

Love and passion for the mountain are the ingredients of my life, with the most satisfying element of transmitting them.


Adrian Manikas

I'm Adrian, and I've a passion for the outdoors and sharing experiences. Having dedicated most of my life to outdoor pursuits, both my own and assisting others in theirs, I have accumulated over 11 years of experience across the adventure travel, guiding and outdoor education sectors.

A spontaneous crossing of the Kokoda track focused my imagination on the great impacts that adventurous experiences can have on people, and since then I've endeavoured to make the world a better place, one adventure at a time.

25+ international expeditions and countless school camps later, my focus is on exploring the adventurous opportunities in the Grampians and how best to share them with the world.


Ismael Santos

My name is Ismael. I was born in a small city in the Northwest of Spain called Ourense, the 26th of April of 1972. I’ve been involved from a very young age in sports, especially swimming and basketball. I combined both for several years, participating and wining several national swimming and basketball competitions.

At the age of thirteen I moved from my hometown to Madrid to play basketball for Real Madrid youth teams. I became professional when I was sixteen, playing in Spain, Italy, and Greece until I retired at the age of thirty one. During my career I won national titles in Spain and Italy, and also several European championships. I was also a member of the Spanish national team in all its categories, participating in European and world championships.

When I retired from professional basketball in 2003 I discovered the mountains. That new passion took me to travel along the main mountain ranges in the world and to become a certified UIMLA and UIAGM mountain guide in 2009. Since that date I’ve been guiding treks and mountain climbing expeditions worldwide, including the European Alps, Atlas, Andes, and the Himalayas. The greatest achievement in my mountaineer career has been the climbing of 160 four thousand meter peaks in the Alps, including the 82 main summits.

Beside my mountain guiding job, I’m a certified Mindfulness Instructor, I’m a writer, ‘From the summit, keys to get to the top’ (Plataforma Editorial, 2014) and ‘Spiritual Intelligence and Sport (Plataforma Editorial, 2016), and I give motivational, self and social leadership talks.

Papua New Guinea

Matt Gould

Hi, I’m Matt and have been with No Roads since 2019 after my first crossing of the Kokoda Track in 2018.   When I am not in Papua New Guinea, I am a teacher based in Melbourne. I work in specialist education and have been since 2017. 

Why do I love working for No Roads Expeditions? I have the privilege of sharing the story of the Kokoda Track campaign. I love connecting people with the amazing culture and people of PNG. Hiking through the beautiful PNG jungle is awe inspiring. Learning from and working with our PNG colleagues is awesome. I could go on!


Luca Ferrari

The Mont Blanc tour is the best possible solution to get a taste of the Alps. Although I have traveled this path many times, I can never get bored, the charm of these places is unparalleled and being able to share it with my guests makes it even more enjoyable.

When we walk on these ancient paths, we are always welcome guests, both those who, like me, have done them many times, and those who come here for the first time and want to savor their essence.

One thing that makes this trek unique is the fact that it crosses three nations, history has been intertwined over the centuries, but it has also made them so different, both in culture and in gastronomy.

Every morning, after a hearty breakfast, we leave for a new adventure, new landscapes, new encounters along the way. In the afternoon we arrive tired at the next accommodation, but when we sit down to relax before dinner, we are certainly happy for the day in nature and in good company.

Dinner with travel companions talking about the past day and the next, passes quickly tasting excellent regional dishes and talking about future projects.


Juan Carlos



Hello everyone who loves mountain. My name is TOMO, guiding all aspect of mountain activities all year long, from a Day hike to long trail hike, Shower climbing in summer, and Backcountry hiking in winter. I love Climbing, Trail running, Kayaking, SUP, Snowboarding, Skiing and all sorts of things doing outdoors!!

I am a certified UIMLA international mountain Leader. I have been climbing and skiing for 22 years, and started guiding 14 years ago. I guide every region in Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, and Yakushima. The Japanese Alps are mandatory. Please come visit Japan and have an awesome mountain time with me.

Papua New Guinea

Bob Huston

It’s late afternoon / fading light… I’m looking down the valley to Kokoda village far away in the distance… I’m standing in the heart of what was a deadly battlefield in 1942; “Isurava” on the Kokoda Track… All is quiet and still… Night approaches… The deep dark jungle towering on all sides…. As an Australian I can’t help feel a strong sense of place here. Its absolutely chilling! The place is a highlight on the Kokoda Track and I love coming here.

Once you have walked the Kokoda Track you will never-never-never regret it!

The first time I trekked the Kokoda Track was back in 1999 and since then I have been back trekking 11 times. Five of these guiding on the Kokoda Track. From that first journey I was hooked on trekking in PNG. My other journeys focus on treks to the remote high peaks over 4000m in PNG where very few have been but on raw unchartered routes no one has done. It’s that sense of exploring and trekking where not even the locals have gone that has captivated me. If you want to do something that is a first then PNG is a good place to go!


Helene Maguetteraz

Growing up in the shadow of Mt Blanc, I've always made the most of the big adventure playground that is the region I call home.

As a mother of two, I've been able to share this adventurous lifestyle with my children, be it hiking, climbing, mountain biking, heli-skiing or snowshoe touring.

Fluent in both French and English, guiding people across Mont Blanc has always seemed the natural way to combine my passions and share this amazing area with visitors from all over the world!

To be honest, it hardly feels like work, and I can't wait to hit the trail with every new adventurer.


Massimiliano Barrel

I'm Massimiliano Barrel, but please, feel free to call me 'Mien'.

Surely it has everything to do with the beard, but I'm often referred to as a true 'Mountain Man'!

I consider myself a man of learning and passion, time spent in the mountains a perfect way to balance my years spent studying architecture.

Fluent in both Italian and French, perhaps even more appreciated than my time guiding or designing, is my time spent as a Maitre Sommelier!

Mont Blanc

Sonia Sgeralla

“Hello everyone, this is Sonia from Milan, Italy. I’m a freelance professional, having operated in the travel industry as an International Mountain Leader (UIMLA member) and Tour Director.

Since 2010 I’ve been sharing great experiences with people from all over the world, traveling over 30 countries in 5 continents!

My passion? Mountains of course! Since when I started skiing as a kid mountains have always played a central role in my life. No matter the destination, there’s always some hiking included in my travel plans!

Are you into it? Lace your boots, I’m looking forward to sharing my passion with you!”






Marco Vagliasindi

Born and bred in Milano, Courmayeur is now my home where for many years I worked for the Fondazione Montagna Sicura monitoring glacier activity in the region (I am a Geologist by trade).

A trail guide since 2018, I also teach environmental education courses for school groups which is very rewarding.

I am fluent in both Italian and English, and enjoy trail running and horse riding in my spare time (I am also an equestrian teacher).


Chiara Di Aadamo

I began exploring the mountains before I could even walk (atop the shoulders of my father, I had the most amazing views), and my love for them, forged in my earliest memories has never faded.

With a degree in Food Science (because food fuels the engines of all living species), I try to combine all of my passions in all that I do.

This passion for knowledge now has me learning Spanish to enable me to explore the world with even fewer borders (I can already speak English, French & my native Italian).

I love to travel and explore the world through its green spaces!


Maria Speranza Vigliani

Northern Italy and the mountains are my home, with Milano my home base (I speak fluent English and French to compliment my Italian).

Educated both in Italy and the UK, I have spent many years working on NGO projects focused on the issue of water and water supply in Africa.

Most at home in the outdoors, in addition to mountain guiding, I am a passionate swimmer and bike rider (often combining my loves to compete in Triathlons)!

Papua New Guinea

Dean Opie

My name is Dean and I have been lucky enough to have been an Expedition Guide for No Roads Expeditions since 2007.

Having guided and chaperoned many of our trips on offer has led me to trek places I’d only dreamed of like Kokoda, Kilimanjaro, The Dolomites (including a Verdi Opera at an ancient Colosseum in Verona), Mont Blanc, Mount Rinjani, kayaking in Flores Indonesia, African Safari’s, and cruises on the Nile.

Being such an ethical and trustworthy company that puts so much back into the villages and surrounding areas that we visit, has allowed us to stay afloat during the Covid pandemic and bounce back with the same enthusiasm and passion that we are known for.

Papua New Guinea

Andrew 'AJ' Johnson

Kokoda is my passion. It started with a brief discussion with my Mum shortly before my first trip when she mentioned ‘oh, Dad was with the 2/16th ’ I was talking with her about the military history aspect of the Track and she dropped that one on me!! I had no idea!

Turns out he spent 1943-1946 with the 2/16 th including a year overseas in the Balikpapan/Celebes campaign. So although not a Kokoda vet, he served with the survivors and now, I get to honour him and them by being the very best guide I can be.

I was an emotional wreck after that first trek, and now 30+ treks later, its not much different. I love pretty well all aspects of the Track – maybe not some of the drop toilets – but every other aspect. The challenge, culture, people, faith, pristine environment, flora, fauna, remoteness, and more and more each time I do it, or read/research about it.

And that’s what I want to share with you in my laid back, country boy, Dad joke, caring and sharing way awwwww you say, what a guy! But it is my passion and so it should be that way It's ten days of caring and sharing. We have to be a team as it is such a challenge, we have to take time to get to know each other, the team (VERY important), their families and of course, to get to know those ‘in whose footprints, we tread’.

It truly is a life changing experience. Come find out my story and make your own!!


Marta Re

Calling Como in Northern Italy home has its obvious advantages (I'm close to the mountains and the stunning lake of the same name)!

In addition to being an avid traveller myself and Nordic walking instructor, I also have a PhD in Bioengineering (which I use an MRI Research Scientist).

The outdoors is the perfect place to give me balance in my life!

In addition to Italian, I can speak English and have studied Spanish.


Sergio Pezzoli

Like many other guides, I call the north of Italy home (it's so close to the mountains)!

For many years now, I have been leading groups through the mountains of Europe, and to that end for the last decade have been an International Mountain Leader with the Regional College of Lombardy Alpine Guides.

When not trekking (my true love), I am also a qualified Electrical Technician and have held many positions in that field as well.

Papua New Guinea

Darcy Walsh

Hey everyone, my name is Darcy and I’ve been working with No Roads since I completed my first Kokoda Track crossing in 2022 as part of the Emergency Services Foundation team.

Although I may be one of the newest team members working for No Roads I have been working outdoors for the past 12 years. When I’m not over in Papua New Guinea I work as an Outdoor Education Group Leader in Victoria.

I am passionate about sharing the history of the Kokoda Track and continuing to pass on the stories of the brave young men and women who have served: and those who continue to serve.

I also enjoy walking through some amazing jungle villages, with spectacular views as well as soaking in the culture and learning as much as I can along the journey.

Papua New Guinea & No Roads Health

Andrew 'Al' Grasby




Raffaele Collavo

I am an International Mountain leader and have been working and guiding in the Valle d'Aosta area for more than twenty years.

Introd at the beginning of the Gran Paradiso National Park is my home, the perfect place for my passions. Mountain biking, skiing and mountaineering!

I have a love of travel, and have completed many incredible treks all across the world!

Papua New Guinea

Ryan O'Neal

Since 2011, my heart has been captivated by the track. Running it, jogging it, walking it briskly or slowly, I have experienced every pace.

Occasionally, I question why I keep returning to it. The answer lies in individuals like you. The track holds a special place, whether your connection to its history or your determination to challenge yourself towards seemingly unattainable goals.

Witnessing people make personal breakthroughs, uncovering hidden aspects of themselves, and fostering strong bonds of friendship are at the heart of Kokoda.