Kokoda Track Treks

Are you thinking about walking the Kokoda Track? Of course we would say this is a great idea as we have been taking trekkers across the Kokoda Track for the last 19 years, but there are many things to consider when choosing whether to go in the first place and with whom. We hope this page on the Kokoda Track will help you answer some of those questions. And if not, you can always give us a call for a chat.

The No Roads Difference

Australian Led Kokoda

Walk in the footsteps of our forefathers, visiting all the major battlesites and having these explained to you by your Australian Guide who is well versed in the military and social history of the Kokoda Track. Your guide will bring the battles of Kokoda alive.

Australian Led Fast Kokoda

Lack a little time or simply want to push yourself that little bit harder? Then our Fast Kokoda will certainly push your resolve. We walk the same trail as everyone else (no shortcuts here), but in 6 days. This is a great challenge for those fit among us.
6 Days

Local Led Kokoda

Same Kokoda Trail, same great food, same great hospitality. This trip differs only that it is led by one of our amazing Local Kokoda Guides who will show you another side of the trail, one which includes the lives of the people who still live along this hallowed trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is up to you. You do have the option to carry your own pack (usually weighing between 12kg and 15kg) or you can employ a Personal Guide who will carry this pack for you. You will of course need to carry a day pack which will weigh between 2kg and 5kg, but your Personal Guide will carry your main pack. The cost to employ a Personal Guide is $720.

This is such a difficult question to answer. We have seen people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels walk the Kokoda Track. The main thing is you will have to train for the Track. The fitter you are the better your experience. We have several programs you can follow and we have access to Personal Trainers to help you along the way, so just ask us.

Our price includes your Domestic Airfare. It does not include International Airfares.

The trekking season runs from mid-March to the end of November.

Many people like to walk the Track during the ANZAC period (April) to coincide with ANZAC Day. While this is a special time to do it, it is very busy.

May is excellent because no one is on the Kokoda Trail.

From June onwards the weather usually gets a little more predictable and drier.

School holidays are also peak times.

If you ask us, March, May, October and November are excellent times as there are not many people on the trail then.

What Does Sam Newman And Gary Lyon Think Of Kokoda?

What Others Say About Us!

Nigel Pearson
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value I have trekked the Kokoda Track several times with No Roads Expeditions and cannot recommend them higly enough. Their knowledge of the history of this magical place that they share with the trekkers is second to none and the way they look after the local guides is to be commended. Their information and guidance on preparing for your trek is also of the highest quality. It's very reassuring when you do this trek for the first time that you know you are well prepared. They always carry a comprehensive first aid kid and a sat phone so you are in very good hands. I simply wouldn't do this trek with anyone else.
Chris Lanting
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KOKODA: Completing The Kokoda Track is one of the most amazing things you can do on our planet.It is surreal and an incredibly emotional experience to be able to walk the same steps as our brave soldiers in a place that is for the most part unchanged. No Roads brings together a group of people from all walks of life, all with their own story. Over the 6 - 10 days you will become family, learning each others stories, reasons for doing the trek, along with sharing all the emotion that comes with the story of the track. The trek you take is life changing and you will make life long friends. It Is a place that will change the way you think about life, slow down and smell the roses! I'm looking at doing my 3rd trek in the future, Thankyou to Peter,and all those involved in making the journey something you'll never forget!
Hayden Lunn
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Wow what a highly motivated and emotional experience. Beautiful scenery, people and enthralling part of the world. Happy villagers with the best fruit stalls - Amazing Avocados, Paw Paw, yellow Kiwi fruit and more! Well organised and hustle free tour with experience to keep the tour in an upbeat mood. Plenty of MY time and shared time to take in all the emotions. The war history experience is so real and hard core. The track although tough in some spots is quite achievable but do highly recommend being fit for the challenge. We stayed an extra night at Port Morsby and highly recommend doing that even for 2 days. No Roads looked after us with a minibus and some friendly guides. We paid a minimal charge direct to the guides for their unofficial tour! I highly recommend No Roads as a professional and experienced tour company that looked after us 110%

Online Kokoda Info Session

8000 Trekkers Can't be Wrong!

That’s right we have taken over 8000 people across the Kokoda Track. With over 500 crossings under our belt, we know the Kokoda Track very well.

Give Us a Call on 03 9598 8581 if you have any questions

Why No Roads For Your Kokoda?

That’s right, we put you front and centre on your journey across the Kokoda Track.

Not only are we one of the longest running Kokoda Operators, but we also run expeditions all over the world to some of the most remote locations on the planet. We bring our global expertise to Kokoda to ensure you have a great and safe trek.

Our treks are assisted by our Local Teams who come from various villages along the Track. We only use local Guides from the Kokoda Track, not from elsewhere.  This ensures we will have a safe journey across the Track.

The people who live along the Track are Seventh Day Adventists. Their Sabbath runs from Friday evening to Saturday evening. That is why we do not trek on a Saturday. They have asked all companies to do this (we are the only one that abides by it). Plus it gives us a day to rest, see what it’s like to live along the Track and have a moment to pause on our journey.

Food is so important to us. The only thing we love more than preparing great food is eating it. You will notice the difference too. You will have FRESH food served each night, from Indonesian Curries to Italian pasta and maybe even a pizza or a doughnut along the way. No rehydrated food here.

Most Kokoda operators tell the story of the Kokoda Track, some more than others. We too have our own take on the Kokoda Campaign by bringing the stories of the struggle alive through the eyes of individual soldiers. This way our trekkers can empathize with what they endured. We also give you the Japanese perspective, often overlooked on the trail.

The local and natural history of the Kokoda Track is so often overlooked while trekking. We will learn what it is like to live on the Kokoda Track, from the people who know, our local team. Each evening they will explain topics as diverse as natural medicine, marriage rights, land ownership and more. These are fascinating topics and will give you a greater appreciation of your journey.

This is a little thing but it is so important. Walking North to South means you get told the story of the Kokoda Campaign in a chronological order. The history and the stories make sense. If you walk South to North, you will have the story told backwards and it simply doesn’t come aloive like it does North to South.

Our local team only comes from villages from along the Kokoda track and as such they are passionate about their communities, they know everyone on the Track and they have a deep understanding of the Natural History of the trail. They are also direct descendents of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, the men who helped Australian Soldiers during WWII and they are proud to keep this tradion alive by helping you across the Track.

What's Included

  • Australian and Local Guide
  • Domestic flights
  • Transfers to and from trail head
  • 2 nights accommodation at the Holiday Inn Port Moresby
  • Track permits
  • All camp fees
  • Fresh food throughout the trek
  • Water safety team
  • Wilderness First Aid Kit
  • Defribulator
  • Satelite and radio communications
  • Dedicated team in Port Moresby and Australia for emergencies
  • Tents, cooking utensils, bowls, knives, forks and spoons
  • Track achievement certificate
  • No Roads Tshirt
  • Snack pack for on the trail
  • Final dinner for you and our Local Team

What's Not Included

  • International Airfares (we can help you with this)
  • Travel Insurance (we can help you with this)
  • Local tips
  • First night dinner

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