Private Journeys

All of our journeys can be run as Private trips, just for you, your family and your friends.

Private Journeys give you the opportunity to finesse your adventure, to go when it suits you, to start and end when you want and to even add or subtract parts to the trip, making it as unique as your needs.

Set Your Own Date

Sometimes our group departures don’t suit your timetable. With a Private Journey, you can set your start date and everything else in between.

Set Your Group Size

On our Private Journeys there is no set group size so you can have a trip just for yourself or for a much larger group. 

Private Trips And Cost

Depending on the group size and any changes of the itinerary, sometimes our Private Journeys end up being slightly cheaper than our set departures.

Choose Itinerary

Our Private Journeys allow you to change things around, change direction, change places you visit, add some unique experiences and more.

Pick Your Own Trip

Private Journeys is open to all of our destinations. We also have dozens of other journeys we can offer that aren’t on our website, so feel free to ask.

How It Works

Browse through our website and when you find something that you like, send us an initial inquiry using the form below. 

We will get back to you for a longer discussion about your needs, when you want to go, group size and composition, etc and we will send you a personalised itinerary.

Once we have all agreed on the trip and all the details, we will start booking your group in.

As simple as that.

Below are just a handful of trips we have learnt are popular with private departures. But there are many more of course. So enjoy browsing and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Remember, we can run a trip from 1 person to 20 or more (depending on the location).


The Kokoda Track is not only a physical journey but an emotional one too. An incredible journey into one of the most important events in Australian history. This is an amazing journey to undertake with friends, family and work colleagues.


This is an incredible Private Journey to the most beautiful mountain range on the planet. Perfect for different group abilities, from those who wish to be active to those who wish to be relaxed.


Patagonia offers those who love nature the opportunity to hike, bike and kayak through some of the most amazing landscapes on the planet. Overnight in our eco-lodge with superb food and share the days adventure with family and friends.


Imagine sharing French, Italian and Swiss cuisine with your family and friends, all the while trekking from one country to the next, overnighting in boutique hotels and guided through a sublime landscape by your own mountain guide. The Tour du Mont Blanc is simply one of the best treks on the planet.


Paddle back in time as we venture deep into the Komodo National Park in search of Dragons. This trip is perfect for small groups, especially families.


Nepal has so many options for private groups. Everest, Annapurna’s or for those wish to go further afield Mustang and Kanchenjunga.

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