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11 Days 4980 ex Port Moresby


8 Nights Camping
2 Nights Hotel


Mostly on foot
Vehicle transfers

Included Meals

10 Breakfasts
9 Lunches
9 Dinners

Trip Grade

Category 4
Extreme Expedition – Hot

You look at your watch. Your heart rate is flying! 150. 151. 155. You can feel your heart pounding on the inside of your chest. Your legs are burning. Sweat cascades from every pore. The incline must be 20%.

Oh, and this is day 1 of 9.

Kokoda Endurance Back to Back is the ultimate test of stamina and mental toughness. Even a fast crossing of Kokoda normally takes 6 days, one way. You will be doing one way in 4 days and then back again in 5 days.

If you have ever wanted to test yourself to the limits, Kokoda Endurance Back to Back could be your test.

“I love the concept of the Kokoda Endurance Challenge. It’s an opportunity to experience the qualities of Courage, Endurance, Mateship, and Sacrifice firsthand. Being in the position to complete numerous fast tracks and running the track, Kokoda’s physical demands grant trekkers a rare opportunity to test themselves mentally. This 9-day back-to-back experience will do just that, an unforgettable adventure that will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on your life”.”

Ryan O’Neal Personal Trainer and Kokoda Expert

You’re what? is probably going to be the reaction most people will give you when you tell them what you are about to undertake. We have run the Kokoda Back to Back for many years, where participants hike the Kokoda track and then turn around and hike back. This was normally done over 13 days.

Our Kokoda Endurance Back to Back will accomplish this feat in just 9 days, that’s 4 days from Owers Corner to Kokoda and then 5 days from Kokoda to Owers. That’s 200 km of some of the toughest terrain on the planet. Wild rivers, inclines that never seem to end, mud and roots, not to mention the weather.

A personal training program will be part of the challenge. This can be done either face-to-face on the Sunshine Coast or in Melbourne, or remotely anywhere else. This is a non-negotiable part of the trip so we know you are ready for this ultimate challenge. There will be no fast group or slow group on this trek. Everyone will need to move swiftly and stay close together, day in and day out.

Are you up for the challenge?

“Today, people walk the track. That’s great, wonderful. But just remember there was someone down there just waiting to kill you.”

Bruce Robertson, 30th Squadron, RAAF

Kokoda Endurance Back to back New Nauro
On the Kokoda Track
Near Nauro Kokoda Track

The Journey

Arrive Port Moresby and transfer to hotel. 
Pre-expedition briefing with your guide. Get to know your fellow adventurers!

It will be an early start, pre-dawn, as we head out along the narrow highway toward Owers Corner, the start and finish line for our challenge. Through the arches we head down to the Goldie River before heading over our first major obstacle, the great wall of Imita Ridge. At the top, hearts pounding we will take a break before heading down toward Vuale Creek, crossing it a dozen or so times before our next big obstacle, Iorabawa Ridge. Before we know it we will be at Iorabawa Village for our first nights camp. (B,L,D)

Alright, we will write this a lot, but this is a big day. First, we have to finish off Iorabawa Ridge as we are only halfway up it before we reach the top. This was the furthest point Japanese forces got along the Track. The lights of Port Moresby could be seen from here. Then a big down to Ofi creek before a monster climb up the Wall, literally straight up at times. 

Over the Maguli Range and then down past New Nauro and into the swamp and Brown River. From there we head up and over into Menari before the longest up of the entire trip toward Brigade Hill and one of the bloodiest battles on the Kokoda Track.

Depending on how we are going we can camp there or better still continue on and end up in Efogi, literally halfway across the Track. (B,L,D)

P.S. You will start and end the day in the dark, be warned.

Today we traverse Mt Bellamy, the highest point on the Kokoda Track at 2190m. But first, we must cross through Naduri and then head over the Range, mist and mud covered before scooting down to Templeton’s Crossing and our first crossing of the raging Eora Creek.

Gun pits, both Japanese and Australian line the trail, a testament to the fierce battles that occurred along the Kokoda Track. Up and over another ridge we head down to Eora Creek once again before the massive climb up to Alola. Our night camp will be here. (B,L,D)

We are nearly half way. It’s all down hill from here to Kokoda, and a killer on the knees. We will pass through Isurava Battlefield, one of the most important battle sites on the Kokoda Track before continuing on to Kokoda Village for our overnight stay. You have now completed half of our challenge. (B,L,D)

Today we will hike back to Isurava Battlefield. On the way to Kokoda you would have passed through here, and realised it is a place of great importance. So we will stay the night here after an 8-hour hike. This is an incredible place to overnight. (B,L,D)

From Isurava we will climb further into the Owen Stanley Ranges. Unlike a few days earlier, we are heading up, toward the highest peak on the Track, however, we will stop just below the summit at Templeton’s Crossing. (B,L,D)

We head up and over Mt Bellamy, pass through 1900 meter camp and down to Kagi Village. You wouldn’t have been here on the way over, but Kagi was an important observation post during the Kokoda Track campaign. It is also the home to many of our local team. You are basically at the three-quarter point on this journey. (B,L,D)

This is a big day (see I told you I would use that phrase again). A sharp down from Kagi to Efogi and then up and over Brigade Hill toward Menari but this time the up has turned into an unrelenting down. From Menari we head up and over into the swamp again, across the Brown River and up the Maguli Range to stay at New Nauro with incredible views of the Owen Stanley Ranges. (B,L,D)

Our last day on the Kokoda Track will take us on one of the hardest sections, up and over the Maguli, down to Ofi and up and over Iorabawa Ridge again before a sharp down to Vuale Creek. From there it’s up and over Imita Ridge and down to the Goldie River before the last ascent to Owers Corner. You have done it, nearly 200 km across some of the toughest and most rugged terrain on the planet. Well done! Back to the Holiday Inn for a hot shower and dinner with your incredible local team. (B,L,D)

Our adventure is over. Transfer back to the airport and return home, or journey onward!

Journey Extensions

Check out our Journey Extensions for those that want to stay a little longer or try something different along the way.

A shirt 10 minutes drive from our hotel, the Port Moresby Nature Park is a colourful addition to an PNG getaway. This half day tour showcases PNG’s fascinating wildlife, allowing you to get up close to the Tree Kangaroo, Cassowary, Crocodile, Bird of Paradise and a plethora of parrots and reptiles.

The park’s facilities are world class (including a great little coffee shop so you can buy water and food there if needed) with great enclosures and information signage, and you’ll be fully guided by a park expert throughout.

If you’ve a few spare hours before or after your trip, we highly recommend this tour (the park opens at 8am so you can get there early and do a tour before your flight home).

Per person is $60 

Includes: Transfers to and from park and an expert guided tour of the park.


Rabaul is an hour and a half flight away from Port Moresby and is a great town to explore and lots of activities.

You can go snorkelling, cruising, visit the Duke of York Islands or climb a volcano.

There are also bustling markets and great bird watching. A great additional trip for someone who wants to see other areas of Papua New Guinea, but wants to do more than just rest and relaxation.

Price per person is $600.


Nusa Island Retreat in Kavieng, on the island of New Ireland, is only an hours flight from Port Moresby, but feels a world away, with crystal clear waters, incredible scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and surfing. 

After finishing a Kokoda trek, Nusa Island Retreat is the perfect place to recover, and to see a whole new side of PNG.

We can help you with your domestic flights to Kavieng.

Premium Room
Single Room: $330 per person/per night
Double/Twin: $240 per person/per night

Includes all meals and airport transfers

Tufi Resort is an hours flight from Port Moresby and is situated in the world’s largest tropical loch system where palm trees flow all the way down to the water’s edge.

Tufi is a boutique resort, built to overlook the stunning landscape by which it is surrounded.

With access to some of the best SCUBA and snorkelling in PNG, waterfalls, local villages and secluded beaches, Tufi offers excellent accommodation and food for those that want to get away from it all.

After finishing a Kokoda trek or for those want to relax, dive or fish Tufi is a perfect oasis.

Tufi is serviced by flights every second day from Port Moresby. 

Check out their website at www.tufidive.com


Deluxe Bungalows (1 queen and 1 single) Sea facing balconies

Single $330
Double $250
Child $140

Deluxe Rooms (Balcony facing resort)

Single $295
Double $210

Standard Rooms (no balcony or sea views)

Single $235
Double $160

Includes all meals, accommodation, return airport, tea, coffee and GST.


Outer Reef

2 tank outer reef dive $200
3 tank outer reef dive $250
6 tank outer reef dive $460

House Reef Wharf Diving

1 tank wharf dive FOC
2 tank wharf dive $100
3 tank wharf dive $120

Night Wharf Dive

1 night wharf dive $110

Speciality Wreck Dive

Black Jack B17 Bomber $3000 minimum 6 pax Nov-April only

PISTOFF B25 Mitchell Bomber $1800

Includes tanks, air, weight belts, fresh fruit, cold drinks, tea, coffee, cookies, hot showers, towels and GST per person per day.


Snorkelling on outer reef (per person on Dive Boat) $95


Masalai (Shark Cat) 4 hour trip $650 seats 1-6 people. All staff and equipment provided.

Talio Mono Hull 4 hour trip $450 seats 1-4 people. All staff and equipment provided.

Cultural Tours

There are plenty of other Experiences you can take part in at Tufi resort from Full Day Tours, Bird Watching and Lookouts. Chat to the No Roads team if you would like ideas for day tours from Tufi Resort

Less than one hour from Port Moresby is the paradise that is Loloata Island Resort. This beautiful and intimate island is just off the coast of Port Moresby and is home to some of the best island reefs in the world. 

If you have friends or family who would like to meet you in PNG after your trek, this is the perfect holiday destination for them.

There are dozens of sunken ships and even an aircraft to explore for SCUBA divers. For snorkelers, there are the reefs of Lion Island.

Each room and suite has a guaranteed ocean view.

Take advantage of the spa facilities onsite, where you can book in your next massage or any other pamper treatment.

For those that don’t want to travel too far away but just far enough to relax after their expedition, Loloata is a perfect place to spend a few days. 




  • Trained local guides for the entire expedition (who carry all group equipment, food & set up camp)
  • Full training program with a personal Trainer either in person or remotely. This is essential for us to know you are ready!
  • Electrolyte supplements such as Hydralyte
  • The support of a trained medic and our River rescue team
  • 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 9 dinners (some dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan & gluten intolerant can be accommodated)
  • All transfers as per itinerary
  • A visit to Bomana War Cemetery
  • All accommodation during the scheduled itinerary (2 nights hotel accommodation in Port Moresby, and tents inclusive of sleeping mats for the remainder of the trip)
  • Kokoda Track Permit
  • 1 to 1 General Guide-Client ratio
  • A rubbish Guide that takes all our (and some other operators) rubbish from the Track
  • Farewell dinner on the final night
  • Snack Pack for each expedition day to get you between meals
  • No Roads Expedition T-shirt
  • Urine and health chart
  • Access to your Australian Guide for advice prior to (and on) the expedition
  • Access to FREE weekend training walks before and after the expedition


  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal spending money
  • Tips for General Guides
  • Any meals not listed as included

Your Guides and Safety

An excellent guide can make the difference between a trip of a lifetime and just an ordinary trip. Our handpicked professionals come from a range of backgrounds. Each has extensive outdoor and hiking experience and a passion for the beautiful place that is Papua New Guinea. The guide will ensure that your trip is truly inspiring, a huge amount of fun, and safe. All guides are trained in Safety First Aid and are connected to our Port Moresby and Melbourne offices by satellite phone.

As this will be a fast moving challenge we will have several local teams to ensure that campsites are ready, and food is prepared in time. There will be no time to waste on this adventure.


“No tents tonight, as we all opted to rest our sodden bodies and damp clothes inside a rickety hut. Seriously, the floor flexed as we tiptoed over it, and it wasn’t only the two oddly shaped windows allowing in some of the dull light but also the wider cracks within the floor.”

We’ll make you as comfortable as we can, but outside of Port Moresby, there’s no escaping the fact, that we’re inhabiting the remote. Provided for you, at every campsite (should you want it) are a single-person tent and a sleeping mat. You could get by with that alone beneath your weary legs, but we’d recommend bringing an inflatable mattress, and a sleeping bag as well.

At some sites, you’ll have the option of a guesthouse should you want a bit more space to stretch. Think 3 or 4 wooden walls, and a thatch roof and floor, and you’ve got a reasonable picture.

Certainly a popular place for drying boots and socks, they’ll also on occasion sleep a trekker or two. Just make sure to bring a mosquito net, just in case.

It might sound rough, but we assure you, some nights, will come close to the best you’ve ever slept!

When you walk with No Roads, you are honouring their sacrifice, and ensuring that the soldier’s legacy lives on. Kokoda will challenge you, demanding everything that you have, and more. But it will also change you in so many ways. You will truly understand the meaning of the words ‘courage’, ‘endurance’, ‘mateship’ and ‘sacrifice’

Andrew Flanagan,
Expedition Guide.

As we departed Deniki, the relatively open jungle (at least at this point) was carpeted in lush green growth.

This was the Choko vine, and little did we know, its freshly plucked fruit would form part of our dinner, that very night!

Food in PNG

“There I was, socks screwed up into balls, massaging wrinkles out of damp, tired feet when I caught a familiar smell. Was I back at the movies?! Minutes later, a large bowl of steaming salted popcorn was plonked on the table right in front of me, almost like a dream!” 

We want to maximise the economic benefits from your visit to the local people everywhere we explore. The purchase of fruits & vegetables, allows fresh foods for our meals, and income for them. This provides incentives for villagers to offer a good standard of service to trekking parties as well as a vital source of income to pay for medicine, education, and transportation.

One of the biggest differences between us and other operators is our food. We do not get you to carry the food and we do not supply baked beans and 2 minute noodles for every meal. We cook up curries, vegetarian pastas, damper, prawn crackers, fried rice and the list goes on. Our Master Chefs are specifically trained in food handling to ensure you have not only a delicious meal full of nutrition, but one that is safe to eat. You may even have the opportunity to help the Chef prepare the meal, giving you a chance to engage our local team in conversation and build a bond otherwise not obtained.

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Highest Volcano in Oceania

Mt Giluwe is the highest volcano in Oceania and as such is one of the 7 highest volcanic peaks on each continent. Giluwe is a hikers dream, with incredible views from her summit, a wonderful geological past with glacial movements creating enormous valleys and colourful local cultures. This is true wild PNG.

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