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6 Day Komodo Kayak Insight

6 Days 2400 ex Bali


2 Nights Tent
1 Night on Boat
2 Nights Hotel


Mostly Sea Kayak

Included Meals

5 Breakfasts
4 Lunches
3 Dinners

Trip Grade

Category 2
Balanced Break

The sun rose over the Pacific Ocean, reflecting shades of gold and tangerine in the choppy waves as the boat sped away from the port in Labuan Bajo on Flores island. Salty ocean spray speckled my skin and hair while we cruised through the open waters and headed back in time in search of uninhabited islands, mythical creatures and the support boat for our sea kayaking adventure.

I watched the rolling cerulean waves pass by as our small boat rolled with the rhythm of the ocean. For a period of time, there was nothing but crystal skies melting into the vast sea and the distant horizon. There is an unshakable adrenaline that accompanies the unparalleled remoteness of the open ocean and the adventures that it beckons.

And there it was, floating in the middle of nowhere was a beautiful wooden boat, festooned with colourful sarongs and life jackets. It was our home base for the next few days, as we sea kayaked the Komodo National Park.

We hopped aboard and met our smiling crew and the other kayakers on the journey. They had been out here for a couple of days already and looked decidedly chilled and tanned.

Boiling from the intensity of the mid-morning sun, I took a dip in the serene, glassy waters. Beneath the surface of the warm waters lies a world even more colorful and diverse, waiting to be explored by snorkelers and divers. Komodo National Park has a vibrant sea life including over 1,000 species of tropical fish, clown fish, trigger fish, diverse corals, elegant manta rays, among other intriguing creatures.

As the sunset, we took a short paddle around the island on which we were camping. Dolphins could be seen coming up for air only meters from our sea kayaks. The air was warm and I could feel my yesterday self gradually fall into a state of pure relaxation.

The service on our expedition was exceptional, beginning with the professional and friendly local Manager Fitri, who met us and provided the easy start to our adventure. Once on board our very comfortable vessel we met the outstanding crew and guides, Flori, Matius, and Cua our ship’s captain and the others who simply could not do enough to make our journey and activities so memorable. Especially Flori and Matius who ensured we were always safe, enthralled and informed through their knowledge, skills and care.

The kayaks and Komodo dragons proved to be beyond my expectations, a ten out of ten. The boat was well equipped and comfortable. Our meals were always a tasty affair and the large esky of drinks was a very welcome addition to the facilities on board.  So much snorkelling opportunities meant everyone at some stage chose to have a laze on deck while others swam about.

The highlight for me amongst so much fun was the manta rays!!!!! Simply incredible.

Michael – Australia

On the penultimate morning, we arose early for a hike around Rinca Island, one of the four homes to the mythical Komodo dragon, the heaviest lizard on earth. Endemic to the Indonesian islands of Flores, Komodo, Gili Motang, and Rinca, these mighty lizards appear to be from a different time altogether, reminiscent of the bygone age of dinosaurs. We ventured out on the longest route to traverse the wild interior of Rinca Island with the assistance of a guide and hopes of spotting these dragon-like carnivorous creatures that roam just four islands in the world.

We walked along well-marked paths beneath the forest canopy, which echoed with the calls of insects and birds. My eyes were on the ground, anxiously anticipating our first dragon encounter. The scaly, armored body rustled in the bushes, side stepping and scurrying across the path before disappearing back into the forest, swishing its long tail as it went. Our first encounter was not our last, as soon enough my gaze met the beady eyes of another dragon, its tongue darting in and out of its mouth as it stared intently at me. All this before breakfast.

This wouldn’t be our last close encounter with nature. After lunch, we swam with giant 4-meter Manta Ray. Dozens of them come to one place at low tide to feed and to be cleaned. They glided below us in formation, rising and diving with sublime grace, before disappearing into the blue depths only to return when conditions were right again.

What an incredible journey. I couldn’t believe we had only been in the Komodo National Park for 4 days. I had forgotten the world had the internet and traffic and washing up. Completely immersed in my adventure, I lay back on a cushioned sun lounge and watched the sunset behind an active volcano in the distance. This truly is a land beyond time.

Sea kayaks Komodo islands on wharf

The Journey

Upon your arrival in Bali, you will be met at the airport by your driver and transferred to your hotel for your overnight accommodation.  Depending on the time of your arrival you will have free time to relax before an evening meeting with a No Roads Representative (Bali only) who will provide you with your domestic etickets and information required for the following day. Overnight at Hotel.

Today you will fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo and upon arrival at Komodo Airport, you will be met by our No Roads Local Manager and transferred directly out into the Komodo National Park to meet the rest of the group and the No Roads support boat. Hopefully, you will have some time in the afternoon for a spot of snorkelling or kayaking before sitting back and enjoying the sunset over the surrounding islands and dining on the beach. Overnight in Safari-style tents on Pungu Island. (B,L,D)

This morning starts again with the option for an early morning snorkel just off the beach of Pungu Island before breakfast back on the support boat – always a great way to start the day!  Your first paddle of the day will either take you to Kukusan Island or Rinca Village and if school is in, at these villages, you will pay a visit to the students before exploring life on the island. The next leg of kayaking is to Gado –  with its’ wonderful mangroves and some amazing snorkelling in a spot with giant table corals, plenty of fish and turtles, who hopefully swim by to say hello.  After lunch and some more snorkelling you will either paddle or travel on the support boat to a small mangrove island (Kaaba), which is inhabited by bats.  This is a wonderful sight enjoyed from our top deck  – watching thousands of bats flying into the night sky for their evening meal.  Overnight in cabin on support boat in the park. Kayak 7.2km & 9km by boat (approximately) (B,L,D)

Early morning you will rise and boat to the Rinca Ranger’s Office to look for Komodo Dragons. Rinca (pronounced Rin – cha) is the best place in the park to see the Dragons as their numbers and density are larger here than Komodo Island. You will be shown around the Park by a trained Ranger who will explain the eco-system, the Dragon’s habits and the life of other inhabitants on the island such as the Macaque, Buffalo, Deer, Tree snakes etc.  After your trek and a drink at the Ranger’s Cafe’ you will start heading west on the support boat to Manta Point. One of the highlights of this trip is snorkelling with the manta rays at Manta Point and hopefully, these gracious animals will delight you with their presence. After lunch, you will then start paddling towards Sebayur Kecil for your last beach camp of the expedition.  Sebayur Kecil has a beautiful beach with some great coral reefs and fish population so a spot of snorkelling in the late afternoon or early the next morning is certainly encouraged. Overnight in Safari style tents. Kayak 10 km and 9km by boat (approximately). (B,L,D)

After enjoying your last breakfast out in the beautiful Komodo National Park, and maybe a swim or snorkel just off the beach, you will then make your way paddling through the Mangroves towards Kanawa for one last snorkel and swim.   It is then time to return to Labuan Bajo in the afternoon and bid farewell to your Guide and the Crew before you catch your flight back to Bali.  Kayak 10km (approximately). (B,L)

Your amazing adventure comes to an end and you are free to continue your travel plans or return home. (B)

Journey Extensions

Check out our Journey Extensions for those that want to stay a little longer or try something different along the way.

Fresh CoffeeDo you love coffee as much as we do? Forget wine tasting tours, it’s all about coffee appreciation and Indonesia is home to some of the best coffee in the world. Take a guided tour of a local coffee plantation, see how the coffee is harvested, dried, ground and roasted. Return to Labuan Bajo to Cafe Inn Hit for a “Flores” coffee and morning tea. 

Duration: 3 hours (9am-12.00pm)
Price: AUD $75 per person (minimum of 2 guests)

Tour Includes

  • Collection and return to Hotel by air conditioned car

  • Guided Tour of coffee plantation & surrounding area

  • A free packet of ground coffee (packaged)

  • Coffee and morning tea at Cafe Inn Hit

*Please ensure that runners or light hiking boots are worn on this extension.

Flores CookingDo you want to learn how to cook Indonesian food like a local? This half-day tour begins with a visit to the local market with the chef and you can help purchase the ingredients for the food you are about to make (and eat)!

Cook and eat three delicious traditional Indonesian meals, and take the recipes home.

Duration: 3.5-4 hours (9am-12.30pm)
Price: AUD $75 per person (minimum of 2 guests)

Tour Includes

  • Collection and return to Hotel in a air conditioned car.

  • Visit to local market with Chef to purchase food for the cooking class

  • Water/mineral water

  • Cooking instructions & participation in cooking of 3 main meals

  • Copies of recipes

Hobbit Cave Flores

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Price: AUD $1050 per person (twin share). Single Traveler $1450 ex Labuan Bajo

For those that have just completed the Komodo Dragon trip, our 5-day 4 night Flores Road Trip is a perfect trip extension. Please note that this itinerary can also be done in reverse to work with your kayaking itinerary.

Flores is one of the most diverse landscapes on earth with an amazing array of cultures mixed in. Dramatic mountain landscapes, lush fertile valleys, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and more await those that wish to explore the island. To top the trip off we will take you to a volcano (Kelimutu) that has three different colored lakes.

Please note that Flores is a rugged and mountainous island and as such the road trip can be long. The hotels used are the best available. They are usually very basic with hot water. The Eco Lodge in Moni has excellent facilities throughout.

Day 1 Labuan Bajo to Ruteng

After breakfast, we will start our road trip to Ruteng. The road will wind its way eastward for a couple of hours before we reach Cancar (pronounced Chanchar). There we will head out to Cara village and climb a small hill that looks over a wide valley. Cara is famous for its spider web rice fields. More technically the agriculture they persist with is known as Lingko in which a field is divided up among the various families of a village from one central location. A wooden pole known as the lodok is placed in the centre of the land. A string is run out to the field’s extremities and then divided into moso (meaning hand) forming the wedge-like fields. As the contours of the land are taken into account across this moso, the field starts to resemble a spiderweb. There are great views of these fields from this hill.

We continue on after lunch to Liang Bua about 1 hour from Ruteng. Liang Bua is the resting place of the Homo Floresiensis, a 106 cm high humanoid that lived in these parts. Discovered in 2003, scientists now speculate why the Hobbit as they are being dubbed, died out. Was it because of Homo Erectus or was it something else? This large grotto cum cave is just off a side road that winds its way through beautiful rice fields and mountain terrain. A local guide will come and show you through the place including a small side cave and the opening to a deep 27-meter hole that leads to another cavern (this is not accessible by non-scientists).

From Liang Bua we will head back to Ruteng and the Susteran Maria Berduka Cita convent run by some very nice Sisters. The rooms are very clean and there is even BBC available on the TV. 

Day 2 Ruteng to Bajawa

We continue eastwards into more rugged mountain roads. Along the way, we will stop at a small lake called Ranamese with sweeping views of the coastline. From there we continue to the seaside village of Lega Lapu where we will sample some Arak or Palm spirits. While you may have tasted Arak before, this brew is quite good and actually drinkable.

From Lega Lapu we continue back into the mountains for Bajawa. This is a great yet strange town with bareback cowboys and a beautiful landscape to boot. In the afternoon we will head to Soa which is a natural hot spring just out of town. This is a great place to relax and soothe aching muscles. Tonight we will dine in a timber restaurant (Lucas) that makes great fried potatoes.

Overnight Bajawa Roo Hotel. (B)

Day 3 Bajawa to Moni via Ende.

This is our last day of driving and possibly the most spectacular of them all. After an early breakfast, we will head by car toward an amazingly beautiful valley near the Ngada village of Bena. However, Bena is where we will end our 1.5-hour trek from Gurusina down in the valley. Our trek will take us along small paths back up the mountain, through several Ngada villages.

Ngada culture is based on the balance of the male and female. Houses and smaller structures are either characterized by a male or female spirit. Ngada culture is matrilineal, meaning that property ownership and clan names are passed down through the woman’s side. The men however have great influence in day to day functions of the village. Ngada villages are welcoming and are fascinating and beautiful places to trek through.

We finish our hike in Bena, a large Ngada village overlooking the valley. Keep an eye out for small wooden houses and people sitting atop the homes in these villages.

From Bena, we continue on to Ende and then onto Moni. The road from Ende to Moni would have to be some of the most beautiful on the planet, with sweeping valley views and dozens of waterfalls cascading in the distance. We will arrive in Moni quite late so dinner at the Eco Lodge is suggested.

Overnight Kelimutu Eco Lodge (B)

Day 4 Moni to Kelimutu

We will rise early, around 430am, to walk to the summit of Kelimutu. We can get a small breakfast hamper put together of banana pancakes, water, and a boiled egg to have on Kelimutu. The park’s car park is a 30-minute drive from Moni and then from there a fairly easy 30-minute walk to the top. If we are lucky, the cloud will part at sunrise and the beautiful turquoise lakes of Kelimutu will reveal themselves.

Kelimutu is 3 dormant volcanoes that have been filled with water. Due to minerals being dispersed into the water, the lakes exhibit varying colours. The strange thing is that the lakes are so close to each other but the lakes can have different colours such as red, blue, and black.

If the summit is shrouded in clouds (which is common) and you don’t see the lakes, don’t worry. We will head back down to Moni with a possibility of a 2-hour walk through the fields to the Eco Lodge. We can shower and get another bite to eat there watching the Kelimutu summit from your room waiting for the cloud to clear. We can return to the summit in the afternoon or if all else fails, we can go up again the next day.

We suggest dinner at the Eco Lodge and our personal favorite, Mori’s Moni chicken. (B)

Day 5: Moni to Ende to Bali

This morning, assuming you have already seen Kelimutu, we will go for another walk through the valley. We can even arrange for a horse ride through the villages at your own expense. We will also visit the 10000 Rp market where every bunch of vegetables is 10000 Rp. The stall next door will sell for the same price so the price is not negotiable. The fruit and vegetables are displayed beautifully and it is a nice place to wander.

From there, we will head down to Ende for your flight back to Bali. (B)

– Accommodation between Labuan Bajo and Moni
– Expert No Roads Guide throughout
– Vehicle use throughout trip
– All meals as outlined in Itinerary

Note: If you are adding this extension to a Komodo kayaking trip then your flight to or from Ende before or after your road trip is included in the Komodo Kayaking trip. Please contact us directly to confirm dates if you wish to add this extension on to a Great Creatures Expedition.

Not included:
– Accommodation in Labuan Bajo
– Flight to and from Flores
– All other incidentals including lunches and dinners

Do you want to go beyond the tourist hot spots and experience what life is like in rural Indonesia? Then this half day tour is the perfect experience for you. Come along and join Matias, one of our Kayaking Guides, in his village to see their simple way of life. Accessible from the main road by motorbike only, this only adds to the feeling of remoteness and adventure, where you are unlikely to come across any other tourists in this off-the-beaten-track village.

Duration: 4-6 hours (May-Oct)
Price: AUD $85 per person (2 guests or more)
Price: AUD $115 single guest

Tour Includes

  • Collection at your Hotel by air-conditioned car

  • Transfer on the back of a motorbike from the main road along a dirt road into the village

  • Guided tour of vegetable crops and banana plantations

  • Guided tour of the village

  • Lunch in the village

  • 5-20 minute trek through the rice fields to the “pregnant lady rock” and will be told the local story of how the rock formed. Guests will then head back into the village, where once again they will get on the back of a motorbike for a trip to see the fossilized trees and local hot springs. 

Mbeiling Lodge Birds

Mbeiling Eco Lodge is a haven for wildlife and the lodge contributes significantly to the conservation and sustainability of the local communities and species of the area.

Stay overnight at this stunning Eco Lodge, which is 45 minutes from the centre of Labuan Bajo. 

We can arrange activities such as the Mbeliling Trek, Bird Watching, Flores Coffee & Nature Appreciation Tour, Cunca Wulang Waterfalls or Cecer Village Visit all from Mbeliling Eco Lodge.

Price: AUD $130 per room per night twin share

Check in – 2.00pm – check out 12.00pm


  • Return transfer to and from Labuan Bajo by air-conditioned car.

  • Standard Double/Twin Room accommodation

  • Breakfast

Mt Inerie Trek Flores Indonesia

The highlight of this three day tour is the fully guided climb up Mt Inerie to see the sunrise. Mt Inerie is 2,245 meters above sea level and is also one of the highest volcanoes in Flores, the trek takes six hours and starts at the very early time of 2:30 am. Tour also includes a visit to the local hot springs and a visit to the traditional village of Bena. This trip is a wonderful example of the incredible sights that you can discover when you go off the beaten track and take the road less traveled.

Duration: 3 days
Price: AUD $490 per person (minimum of 2 guests)
Price: AUD $750 – single guest

Tour Includes

  • All transfers to and from airport.

  • Return domestic flights – Labuan Bajo to Bajawa

  • 2 Nights accommodation at Bajawa Roo Hotel including breakfast

  • Town tour of Bajawa

  • Visit local hot springs

  • Sunrise volcano trek up Mt Inerie (start time is 2.30am)

  • Local Guide for Mt Inerie trek

  • Driver in Bajawa

  • Meals – 2 x breakfasts (lunches and dinners at guests own expense)

* Guests must have a good level of fitness to complete the Mt Inerie Volcano Trek. Hiking boots are essential.

Wae Rebo Flores

Flores is a relatively unexplored part of Indonesia. This mountainous island hides beautiful villages from the normal tourist, but with this 2 day trek, you will venture into this wonderland and experience the great hospitality of its’ people. 


Day 1:   We will leave Labuan Bajo at around 8am and head up into the mountains to Dintor Village (approx 4 hours drive). Along the way we will have lunch and witness the ruggedness of the Flores landscape.  Once we have arrived at Dintor Village we will start our trek for Wae Rebo village, which will take us through the amazing open mountain terrain where we will see the fantastic cone shaped houses (approximately 2 hours).  In Wae Rebo we will stay in a traditional home and be the guest of the village. They will show us their way of life high in the mountains. This is a great experience for those who want to witness traditional lives in Flores.  Dinner and Breakfast will be provided in the village. (L,D)

Day 2:  After breakfast you will have some time to immerse yourself in the local village before we start our trek down to Denge Village and then drive to Dintor Village where we will have lunch. From there we will return back to Labuan Bajo in the early evening for you to continue your travels.  (B,L)


Car and driver
Local Guide
Overnight accommodation in Wae Rebo Village

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (as per itinerary)


Accommodation on the night of Day 2 (your return to Labuan Bajo). We can offer accommodation in Labuan Bajo for AUD$95 Twin Share subject to change and availability.


We can run this trip for 1 – 5 Pax

1 Person $650
2 Person $375 per person
3 Person $345 per person
4 Person $315 per person
5 Person $300 per person


  • Kayak use with all safety gear including vest, paddle etc
  • 2 nights accommodation in Bali twin share
  • 3 Nights in Safari Style tents in National Park
    1-night accommodation in a cabin on our support boat. Note: Cabins are shared by group members of the same gender and we might not be able to accommodate couples in the same room that night.
  • All domestic flights
  • National park fees
  • Professional guide throughout expedition
  • Ranger and local guide fees
  • Eco toilet and toilet tent
  • All meals on the expedition (5 Breakfast, 4 Lunches and 3 Dinners)
  • Airport transfers to and from accommodation in Bali (Holiday Inn)

    Note: This itinerary is indicative and may change due to local conditions and the strength of the kayaking team.

    If you are travelling alone and do not want to share accommodation, a Single Supplement of $350 will apply. Note: The Single Supplement can only be granted for the hotel accommodation. During the kayaking part of the trip, the Single Supplement is subject to availability.


  • International Airfares
  • Airport Tax
  • Travel Insurance for your trip
  • Tips
  • Alcoholic beverages

Manta Alley

Each day, dozens of Manta Ray congregate in an area of the Komodo National Park known as Manta Alley. Here they feed and are cleaned

Komodo dragons are the largest lizard still living on earth, but they are not the largest reptile. Alligators and crocodiles get bigger than Komodo dragons.

Komodo dragons are monitor lizards. Their scientific name is Varanus komodoensis. They grow to 3m in length and can weigh as much as 150kg. While they are usually slow moving, they can put on spurts of speed equal to a dog.

This is a fully supported Sea Kayaking trip

While sea kayaking itself is relatively safe, the fact that we will be in the remote, well away from other people and potentially help, we have ensured that our Komodo Kayaking trip is as safe as it can be. You will be accompanied by a trained sea kayaking guide as well as a large 17 meter support vessel that is permanently crewed by 5 of our team. If the weather and seas begin to get dangerous we will seek refuge either on a nearby beach or on the support vessel.

Accommodation throughout the trip

While out in the Komodo National Park we will stay 3 nights in Safari-style tents. These are tall tents in which you can stand up. In each tent, we have 2 stretcher beds, each with an inflatable mattress. They are mosquito-proof tents, although mosquitos out on the islands are not usually an issue.

1 night we stay onboard our support boat, the Air Dua II. Each room is air-conditioned and has a fan as well. All bed linen is supplied as well as pillows which are laundered after each trip.

If you are coming from Bali we use the wonderful Holiday Inn at Baruna, which is only a 10-minute drive from the airport so you don’t spend all your time in Bali’s wonderful traffic.

This is your adventure so you can do as much or as little as you like

One of the great things about our Komodo kayaking trip is that it caters to so many different types of adventurers. For those that want to be active all day, sunrise to even after dark, there is plenty of opportunity to hike, snorkel, and paddle. Our guides are there to accompany you, no matter what you wish to do, so they are ready for anything.

For those that wish to dabble in paddling, do a short hike, and maybe not even snorkel, that is fine too. You can do as much or as little as you like. Many of our guests love spending an afternoon sunbathing on the upper deck of our support boat, lounging into one of our bean bags, and either catching a quick cat nap or reading a book. The beautiful water of the Komodos is just overboard, so a quick dip, a rinse off, and back on the upper deck for another read is a common activity.

Padar island komodo islands

We get asked a lot of questions about our Komodo Kayaking trips. The following are certainly the most common however if you have another question please let us know or the answer may be found in our Trip Notes section.

What's sea kayaking like? Is it easy to learn?

Sea-kayaking is a most wonderful way to explore the world. It’s environmentally-friendly, does not require months of training and superior strength, and is good for the body and soul. Sea-kayaking can take you beyond the reach of civilization into the natural world, into the space between earth, sea and sky.

No prior experience is necessary. As long as you are in good health  and have a good general fitness along with a sense of adventure, you will quickly master the skills needed to paddle and steer your kayak. Our experienced guides will give an introductory lesson at the beginning of the journey, and will be there to help and keep everyone happy and safe throughout.  Obviously the fitter you are, the more enjoyable your experience will be and the easier you will find the kayaking sections.

Is this a good family trip?

This expedition is perfect for families wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and spend time together exploring the amazing Komodo Islands.  We have a minimum age of 10 years on our expeditions and we offer a 10% discount off the expedition price for all children 14 years of age and under.

How does the SCUBA Diving option work?

For those who would like to incorporate a SCUBA Dive into the itinerary, this can be done and is highly recommended. On the last day of kayaking, when the rest of the group are heading back to Labuan Bajo, you will be picked up by the SCUBA Diving boat and taken out for the day to dive. Before starting the kayaking on Day 1, you will need to attend to the SCUBA shop to be fitted out so they have the correct equipment for you on the day you go diving. After the dive, they will deliver you back to Labuan Bajo. 2 dives for AUD$310.00. You must be certified.

Please note: This option is not available for the 6 Day trip unless you agree to stay in Labuan Bajo instead of Bali on day 5 of your itinerary and fly back to Bali on day 6 of your itinerary where your trip will come to an end.

Please contact our office directly if this might be an option for you

Komodo Ops Manager Fitri

I love this trip because we get to see another side of the Komodo Islands few ever see. We take our time kayaking the more remote parts of the park, at sea level when you get see turtles and dolphins swimming right next to you. At night we pull into a secluded beach and set up camp, eating under the stars. Early in the morning we will get to see the very impressive Komodo Dragon. This is when they are most active. But we will also snorkel pristine reefs and between activities we can lounge on our beautiful support boat and feast on freshly made Indonesian meals.

Ibu Fitri
Komodo Islands Ops Manager

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Tigak Sea Kayaking - PNG

Don't worry if you have never heard of this place before, very few have and that's one of the reasons why this remote sea kayaking journey is so unique. Crystal clear waters, pristine reefs, palm fringed beaches and the locals are incredibly hospitable. This adventure is a great mix of nature and culture unique to PNG.

5 Day Kayaking Komodo Islands

For those who want to spend a little more time in the Komodo National Park and like a little more freedom before and after the trip, our 5 day Komodo Kayaking trip may be for you. This trip only takes in the kayaking component of the journey giving you greater freedom. This is one of the best kayaking trips you will ever go on!